gluten free food

Gluten Free Food Facts

  • 82% of staff catering facilities cannot offer Gluten Free hot food options.
  • 85% of universities cannot offer hot food options.
  • Only 5% of Gluten Free hot food offered in work place and college catering facilities has certification on site.
  • 98% of coeliacs says on-site certification is important to them.
  • In a recent survey of coeliacs in the UK and Irish universities, not one student could name a Gluten Free Food service brand.

Shopping Behaviours of Gluten Free Consumers.

  • 55% of coeliacs spend 30% or more of their grocery budget on Gluten Free foods.
  • 68% of coeliacs shop at three or more stores per month to find Gluten Free foods.

Why Gluten Free?

  • 13% of consumers are eating/buying Gluten Free to treat other health conditions/symptoms, or to lose weight.
  • The market for Gluten Free products has grown to about €40 million consumers, out of which only 4 million suffer from the disease.
  • The UK Gluten Free market is valued at over £500 million in 2015, up 24% on 2014.
  • There are up to 940,000 people following a Gluten Free diet in the UK and Ireland.
  • There are no pharmaceutical cures for coeliac disease. A 100% Gluten Free diet is the only existing treatment for coeliac disease today.