Foodservice range

Our entire range of healthy recipes, including Gluten Free Gourmet Soups and Gluten Free Certified Prepared Meals, Gluten Free Tray Style Meals  and our new range of Gluten Free Finger food are suitable for a wide range of Foodservice Operators, working in sectors such as:

  • Contract Catering
  • Workplace Catering
  • Pubs & Restaurants
  • Roadside Catering
  • atering for Children in Primary Schools
  • University & Higher Education
  • High Street ‘Grab & Go’ operations

The range of gluten free soups, gluten free meals and gluten free finger food is available in a number of pack sizes and can be provided both chilled and frozen.

Our gluten free foodservice range covers all the bases…they are gluten free and all the range are also made of healthy recipes as they are either low fat, low salt or low sugar as well as dairy free….so one menu option lets you offer a wide range of customers menu items from the same item….no other producers can do that.

All products are made to order and Irish and UK deliveries typically take 5 to 6 working days from order to delivery